The Vienna city, cover photo


About Vienna

V.I.E.N.N.A. It's the city of art and culture and museums... No other city has such a high density of museums, theatres and opera houses compared to its size like Vienna. All the cultural buildings are not just worth a visit for the plays and the exhibit objects. They are architectural masterpieces and still carry a touch of imperial glamour. But contrary to this historical side stand the new and upcoming artists, which exhibit their pieces of art in modern buildings with white rooms and minimal architecture, trying to hold the balance between old and new. It's a city of fresh water and public transport and stability and equality... For the 4th time Vienna was elected by the Mercer study to be the most liveable city of the world. Every year the Merser consulting firm is making a survey to evaluate the quality of living (concerning facts like political, economical and social climate, medical care, climate, infrastructure and recreational possibilities) and in 2012 Vienna again came out on top. But do not be fooled by all that, it is also expensive and people can be grumpy, impatient and racist. Take a look at: